01 Jun

Spring News

Hey everyone, as the sun is slowly moving to our land, we descided to release the next batch of changes in darwin.

Most important changes are under the hood : saved searched, text search, installer, …

We’ve also drop the support for postgresql 8.4 as it’s 4 years old But some of them are visible for the user :

  • A new map library is used : Leaflet . That give us the possiblity to display more pins on the map, to be faster and last but not least to display points that share the exact location.
  • A new ‘Name’ field for parts, enabling you to give a pretty name for your specimens … like ‘Laika the dog’

29 Apr

Visual Changes

Hi, as some of you may noticed, some new things appeared in today’s stable branch; Some visual changes and some more features.

The biggest and more notable change is the widget layout that has been changed to take less screen space and and the widget drawer reorganisation that lead to easier manipulation of widgets.

You may also notice the new option to search item containing associated files (like images , pdf , …).

You also now have the ability to “bulk update” General Inventory numbers using the “mass update” for specimens.

Many other small fix and features where also added …and will be added soon ;)

Stay tuned !

02 Aug

Some Newbies

Here is a short list of changes that you might have noticed have been activated since this morning:

The Current Name widget has disappeared. Nevertheless, you will now find the possibility to add the current name under the Synonyms Widget instead. This also allows you to look up taxons and/or specimens via the ‘is a synonym of’ search

  • You will find an additional field under the ‘localisation Widget’ under the parts tab. This can be used if an object is stored in another physical institution then the institution managing the actual collection. You are by no means obliged to use this field, though.

  • When you enter a name in the catalogues search field and click on the new button below, the system will as of now copy what you have written in the name field of the new record. Saves you a bit of time, doesn’t it!

  • You will now see two new icons appear when you hover over the specimens tab:

    • The first icon is the ‘pin’ icon, allowing you to add the current record to a temporary list in order for you to save later on or use during a ‘Mass Actions’ update.

    • The second icon is a ‘View only’ icon and will give you the possibility of viewing your record as if you were a registered user.

  • A new ‘Import’ action has been added to the Administration menu. This tool was added specifically for the DNA collections but can possibly be used in future for other imports as well. However, this feature is not yet fully operational and so you are requested not to use or test it for the time being. More to come later on …